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Welcome To The Aiken Bluegrass Festival Ticket Swap Program!


With our ticket swap program you can trade your hard work for the best 2-day experience in Aiken, South Carolina! Work with your friends, gain hands on experience, a 2-day event wristband, and an incredible behind-the-scenes adventure!

First and foremost, you must be 18+ to participate!

Some ticket swappers will be pouring beer during shifts, so only 18+.  You will be carded at check in!

Work Requirement – 8+ hours / 2 Shifts

As they say, time is money but in your case, time is your ticket. A minimum of 8 hours reached by volunteering at least 2 shifts is required to receive your wristband reimbursement. Shifts during the festival are typically 4 hrs.  One “night” (evening hours) shift is required. Additional benefits such as festival swag and VIP access for hours worked over the required amount.

How to Register 

Fill out the application below to register. 
The last day to register is May 8th or until all available shifts have been filled.

Apply for Ticket Swap

Thanks for applying!

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